– Payment shall be done at the moment of the booking using the payment methods provided by the web.


– Up to 15 days before the check in day, full amount of the payment will be refunded.

– From 15 to 7 days before the check in day, half amount of the payment will be refunded.

– Less than 7 days before the check in day, the payment will not be refunded.


– Check in: From 18:00 pm

– Check out: Up to 12:00 pm

– In case of something is missing or wrong, you should inform the property in order to try the problem as soon as possible.

– In case of damage, you should inform to the property in order to proceed with the repair as soon as possible. If damages are caused as a result of misuse or negligence, the customer will pay the repair and / or the sustitution.

– The maximum capacity of the house is 8 persons. Failure to comply with this policy, would result in the early termination of stay without refund right.

– Animals are not allowed.

– Smoking is not allowed inside the house.

– Respect the neighbour’s right to peace and quiet. No noise shall be produced from 22:00 to 08:00. Please, respect basic cohabitation rules: don’t disturb, keep noise down, be respectful and keep clean the part of the street near the house and the rest of the natural enviornment.

– If leaving the house, please remember to close the main door and the patio door.

-At the end of your stay, moved furnishing should return to its place. Cooking utensils (glasses, cutlery, pans, etc…) shoud be clean and returned to its original place.

– At the end of your stay, bed linen, duvets and towels should be correctly folded and placed over the beds.

– At the end of your stay, fridge and freezer should be empty.

– Currently, the village provides selective collection of the waste. Daily, one type of waste (organic, packaging, etc..) are collected. There is a guide that explain the daily collection system in the fridge door. You should use the garbage bins located in the entrance of the house. At the end of your stay, remember to empty and place the bins inside the house. Remebre to take the remaining waste with you.

– Wood and Pellet heating: From october to april included, a daily packet of pellets of 15Kgs will be provided. For a correct use, pellet stove should be clean daily (there is a vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the wood oven). In order to keep the house warm, we advise you to keep the pellet stove at level 1 and light a fire in the wood stove with a maximum of 2 or 3 medium size logs. In order to reduce fire risk, it is important not to light a big fire in the wood stove.

– Wood oven: It is not allowed the use of the wood oven without the express permission of the property.

– Electric heating: All the sleeping rooms have an electric convection stove for extreme cold conditions. We recommend to turn on the electric stove 1 hour before going to sleep with a maximum level of 3 or 4 and close the door of the room. In order to turn on the stove: there is a button over a smart plug that shall be turned on and stove’s switch should be turned on. After powering on, you should feel heated air from the top of the stove.

– Heater: There is a 100L electrical heater that will be turned on during all your stay. You should try to do a rational use of the water to prevent the emptying of the heater. If the water is cold, please contact the property in order to check if the heater is working properly.

– Power consumption: From April to November, up to 15 Kwh per night is free of charge (accumulative). From December to March, up to 30 KWh per night is free of charge (accumulative). If the customer exceed power consumption, the surpassed power will be charged to 0,25€/Kwh.

Example: For a stay of 6 nights in June, the maximum free of charge power consumption will be 90Kwh. From 90 Kwh, customer will have to pay the surpassed consumption with a price of 0,25€/kwh

– Maximum Electrical Power: The house has a contracted power of 4600W. This contracted power should be enough for a rational use. In case of tripping the consumption protection, disconnect some load, turn off the general protecion 2 seconds and turn it on again.

– There is a tablet in the dinning room that controls a visualize the smart plugs (heater, pellets, stoves, etc..) using the application Imperihome. The application is opened by default after turning on or restarting the tablet. It is only allowed to use the tablet with this application. No other use is allowed.

– Remember that the house is near the nature, with all the implications to te customer: you must respect the natural environment and it is usual that insects and bugs may enter the house.

– In case of any doubt on the interpretation or dispute of the
present terms and conditions the parts undergo the jurisdiction of the tribunals of the city of Vilafranca del Penedes, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them.